Mulls goes wild after hearing too much bullshit chat from a Flat Earth believer

The Morning Rumble 29/11/2017

Believe it or not, there are people in this world that believe the Earth is flat.

Boston Celtics NBA star Kyrie Irving and cricket legend Freddie Flintoff are just a couple of notable names in the list of people who believe that the world is as flat as a pancake, and that giant walls of ice are surrounding the edges keeping the water in.

What. The fucking shit.

But in the spirit of giving everyone a chance, we gave Flat Earthers the chance to phone in and defend themselves, and to convince us why the Earth is flat.

And Liam called, and spewed out some of the biggest horseshit we've ever heard. And it was all too much for Mulls, who couldn't keep it in any longer and let it all out.

We've never seen Mulligan get so worked up over something before. We like it.