Today we say farewell to Bryce's massively long tooth with a not-so-heartfelt eulogy

The Morning Rumble 24/11/2017

After years of giving Can Open Casey shit over his snaggle tooth, which is unexplainably much longer than the others, we've finally done something about it and sent Bryce off to the dentist to get it fixed.

Cheers to Dentalcare West, they're gonna shave down his snaggle tooth and fit him with adult braces, so his mouth finally ressembles a human's. And the generous folks at Dentalcare West are also giving you the chance to win $20,000 worth of dental work, if you're teeth need fixing too. GCs.

So today, we bid farewell to Ol' Whitey. May you rest in peace.

And thanks to caller Tom....we may have found a new target #MullsEyebrowsLookLikePorkFat