The gutting moment Rog finds out Bryce and Mulls lied to him about his official 100m race time

The Morning Rumble 06/12/2017

In an age old tradition on The Morning Rumble, if you say or claim something stupid, you are more than likely going to be forced to prove it.

This happened last month when Rog foolish said he loved Sizzlers so much he could eat them for a week, and also just a few weeks ago when Bryce claimed the drum fill in Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight" is easy to do.

Both were made to live up to their bold claims.

And once again, Roger Farrelly finds himself with his foot in his mouth, stupidly suggesting last week that he reckons he could run the 100m in under 15 seconds - faster than what he could run 10 years ago.

So we took him out to Millenium Stadium and chucked him on the running track to prove himself.

Could he do it? Would he break the 15 second goal? Or would his body just break down and betray him?

Watch and find out.