The ludicrous amount of time women expect you to last for in the bedroom

The Morning Rumble 14/12/2017

A recent survey involving 4000 women has revealed the amount of time they expect their male countparts to to last in the bedroom - "wrapping presents", so to speak.

The time? Drum roll please....25 minutes and 51 seconds.

Crikey. That is a loooooooong time.

In the words of Roger Farrelly,

For such busy men like ourselves, who's got 25 minutes? I've got to get up early and bring home the bacon. I ain't got no time for 25 minutes!

Jen has different thoughts.

No, atleast half an hour. Come on guys, pick up your game.

That Bainbridge, she's a hard woman to please. But we feel Mulls summed it up perfectly for the rest of us.

Jen, on behalf of the Rumble men, just shut up.