The Morning Rumble call the winner of their Two Front Teeth competition

The Morning Rumble 04/12/2017

We don't often do overly serious or heartfelt stuff, but today was different.

For the last few weeks we've given you the chance to win $20k of dental work cheers to the GCs at Dentalcare West. We received thousands of entries from kiwis all over the country who were in desperate need of dental attention.

It was hard to decide who should win this life-changing prize, as there were so many deserving entries. But when we saw Jess' entry and photo, along with her description, we couldn't not choose her.

I'm in the process of having 19 teeth removed....painful on both the mouth and the wallet, would love the chance to get plates after this stage of the one knows how bad my teeth are because I don't let them see in my mouth even my partner has not seen my full set of teeth!

I know that once these teeth are out I'm not going to be able to afford to get plates, a part time caregiver to elderly and full time student still paying a parents funeral bill does not have the funds to complete the journey to a real smile!

Uploading this photo is hard because it means that people are going to see the terror in my mouth....eekkk here goes.

We think you're one bloody brave and tough woman, Jess, and couldn't think of anyone more deserving of the prize.

To everyone else who entered - hard luck, but good on ya for giving it a go. And the team at Dentalcare West want to help you, however they can. They've kindly offered to see everyone who wants help to fix their teeth and work out a manageable payment plan. Get in touch with them on their website or give them a call on (09) 818 8855.