Watch Mulls and Bryce completely butcher Elemeno P and Phil Collins on Jim Beam Rock Island

The Morning Rumble 12/12/2017

Critics are hailing it the worst musical performance in Fijian history.

It was the last night of Jim Beam Rock Island, and we had organised a motley crew of individuals - Shelton Woolright, Jason Kerrison, and whoever else from The Rock office we could rope in - to play to 200+ people for one last massive hurrah....and it all turned to shit like nothing you've ever seen before.

No one showed up. The band played to 12 people, tops - four of which included the bar staff.

Which was a blessing, because the band was terri-fucking-ble.

Mulls forgot the lyrics. Bryce couldn't play the drums. Rog looked like a 14 year old boy impersonating Blink-182.

Shelton Woolright called it "the lowest point in his career" before jumping off stage.

(Un)fortunately, some of it was captured on camera for the rest of the world to see. Watch it yourself and tell us what you think.