When a Rock listener calls The Edge for a chat...

The Morning Rumble 18/12/2017

The Morning Rumble have finished for the year, and it appears some of their listeners have decided to tune in to other breakfast radio shows to get their fill in the morning.

And we just so happened to catch Joel, a Morning Rumble listener, phone up Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell from our sister station, The Edge, for a yarn.

While we should be a little disappointed old mate Joel flipped us immediately for a new station, we're kinda happy he did - aside from providing some odd chat, he managed to plug and name-drop us a couple of times during the call.

Good on ya Joel.

The Morning Rumble are back on Jan 15. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the latest, and download rova and listen to their 24/7 best-of channel.