The moment Bryce clicked his parents live in the most sexually satisfied town in NZ

The Morning Rumble 05/12/2017

Oh Bryce - you can't catch a break.

A new study came out saying that people from Hamilton are having the most sex in the country - 2-3 times per week, which blew Rog's mind - and that the poor buggers living in Nelson are only getting it 2-3 times PER YEAR.

The convo then lead to the question, which is the most sexually satisfied town in NZ?

And as per, Bryce didn't do his homework and put two and two together before opening his mouth. Turns out, Hawke's Bay are the most sexually satisfied region in NZ....which is interesting, because that is where Bryce's parents live.

Yeah. Guess where the convo went after that.

It's really nice to hear that your parents Tony and Vicki are still knockin' boots on a regular basis - still plugging away

Savage, Mulls.