The moment we told Rog we're deporting him to the Gold Coast tonight

Morning Rumble 21/02/2018

NZ Cricket made the fatal mistake of gifting Rog a Black Caps shirt with his name printed on it, and from there on shit went down hill for our National team. 

Unbeknownst to NZ Cricket, Rog has a curse. And so, Mulls and Bryce decided the only was to apologise for the irreperable damage Rog has already caused, would be to deport the man. 

Black Caps coach Mike Hesson, NZ cricketing superstars; Colin Munro and Marty Guptill, the man who calls all the shots at Eden Park; Ben Spencer and even leader of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern are all in agreement - ROG MUST GO. 

And so Air Asia kindly offered to help us deport ol' Roggy for twelve hours to the Gold Coast, watch the video above to hear our guests feedback and the moment we break the deportation news to Rog.