WATCH: Jim shit bricks as he skydives from 13,000 feet, covered in Post-It notes

Morning Rumble 15/03/2018

The Post-it note reckoning has come. And the terror on Jim's face is some of the realest shit we've ever seen.

In The Morning Rumble's last Will It Work segment (kinda like Muth Busters, but a bit shitter), Jim was supposed to test whether Post-It notes would stick to a Lamborghini, hurtling around a race track at 2000 kmph... 

Jim had one job. Sit in a Lamborghini and tell the Rumble if the Post-It notes stuck to the car.

Somehow he cooked it.

He told us it didn't work.

It clearly worked.  

Image of Lamborghini after Post-it note test

We couldn't have Jim giving Post-It a bad name. So, we asked Rumble listeners for punishment ideas... The above video is the end result...

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