Rog gets stitched up, gets told he's officially signed up for Dancing With The Stars NZ

The Morning Rumble 11/04/2018

What. The. Shit.

We can confirm that Roger Farrelly, the small fella with the big voice who's been anchoring The Rock for the last 26 years - will be appearing on Dancing With The Stars NZ later this year.

Take a moment to re-read that and let it sink in.

How did this happen?

Bryce and Mulls (with a lot of behind the scenes help), got in touch with Three when they heard that they were looking for NZ icons to join their dancing reality television show.

Through some of Bryce's connections a.k.a. his wife, Sharyn (perks of being married to one of the show's hosts, right?) they got the big dog's name through to the production team, and we don't know why - but they actually picked him.

And the boys didn't tell Rog, until the the big wigs from Three came into Farrelly Suite to tell him in person, live on air.

And you thought David Seymour was going to be the biggest goober on the show.

If that wasn't enough - they whisked him away to so they could shoot his promo photo and videos, which all going to plan - should be released tomorrow (Thursday 12 April).

How will Rog do? Will he completely balls it up, or surprise everyone and nail it?

One way to find out! Stay tuned.