Research Ryan investigates: Dick shapes of The Rumble

The Morning Rumble 24/08/2018

Research Ryan has discovered what the shape of your penis says about your personality. Here's what the dick shapes of The Rumble mean:

Macadamia Mulls - His width is similar to his length (aka chode). Alone, beige and uninteresting. Obsessed with money and not afraid to leave for a quick buck.

Chilli Pepper (Bryce) - Long and skinny with curve at the end. Often insecure about intimacy (unlike their parents). Too much of these people will give you the shits.

French Fry Farrelly - Skinny, short with an oily exterior. These people are technophobes. You can often hear the pain in their voice in moments of extacy. The dick version of 2017 The Block contestants, Ling & Zing.