WATCH: Rog's blowout in the Tron got so out of hand, Mulls pulling out of their Dunners trip

The Morning Rumble 13/08/2018

It's been a long time since the Rumble boys have hit the road... And ol' mate Roggy Boy let his nerves get the best of him for his first stop on The Rumble on The Road tour last Friday (Aug 10).

The big dog downed the better part of a bottle of fireball whiskey in the car trip down to the 'Tron, then came in reaaaaaal hot... 

From hurling abuse at Mulls, to talking about widening vaginas on the mic, to setting up an absolute dancing clinic, to a karaoke session that just wouldn't end... 

Mulls is pulling out of the Dunners stop this week due to trauma. But hell, after seeing this you know you're in for a quality blow out. 

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