WATCH: Rotorua bloke's gone viral for taking a shower in a servo car wash

The Morning Rumble 14/08/2018

A bloke in Rotorua has just landed the most Kiwi fifteen minutes of fame since the bloody blow on your pie fiasco. How? By stripping naked, jumping in a servo's carwash and taking a cheeky shower - much to the disgust of onlookers.
And by onlookers we mean the sheila Malo Harris who posted the footage to Facebook on Saturday, which she filmed as she drove past the carwash-shower situation, while simultaneously yelling: "Up to bro? You're on crack." 


Hey, if you're asking us that's some serious Kiwi ingenuity. A real step up from the ol' wake up, spray on the Lynx Africa and walk away... 

Albeit, a little graphic. 

The man can be seen bending forward over the hood of a car, completely naked. Like Jessica Simpson in her 'Boots Are Made For Walking' music video - only hairier... Scarier .... and Kiwi-er.

Loud yells can be heard as his bare body is pelted by the large rotating brushes.

"Only in Rotorua," Ms Harris can be heard saying.

Up to bro? You're on crack. What a f**king idiot.

The video has been viewed more than 400,000 times and been shared more than 5000.

Ms Harris told NZME that according to comments on the clip, the man had been dared to take a shower in the car wash and was simply following orders.

Source: Newshub.