WATCH: Bryce got raw and honest about miscarriages on The Project last night

Morning Rumble 26/09/2018

Bryce joined The Project team last night.

After Valerie Adams opened up about her fertility struggles in a moving story, Bryce had a few words to share himself. 

"It's all too real when I see that story with Valerie, and the words she used - that feeling of failure, the feeling of being alone. They are really real to me personally."

Before Tyson, sadly Sharyn and Bryce lost three babies. 

"Every single one of them feels like a real baby, and you miss them."

Bryce and Shaz sought out a second opnion, where they learned about a surgery that could help Sharyn. 

Bryce encourages anyone who might be having these issues to do the same. 

"It may not work for everyone, but that got us there. Get a second opinion."

Good on ya, mate.