Five Fingers Farelly and Mullowpuff warm up for Japan with a sumo showdown

The Morning Rumble 17/10/2018

The Rumble want you to join them when they hit Japan to sink a few wetties and do a site reccie - A warm up before the big event with the rugby lads if ya will, all thanks to our mates; All Black Tours. 

To really get The Rumble prepped for the Japanese culture, we thought a best of three Sumo showdown would be the best way to go. You the listeners decided the fight you most wanted to see was Mulls vs. Rog. 

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Watch how it went down above. 

And keep The Morning Rumble LOUD every weekday morning from 6am for your chance to join the boys in Japan. We'll draw the winner end of this week! 

More details here.