Mulls has been targeted by sextortion scammer, listen to his brutal voicemail

Morning Rumble 30/10/2018

There's a rampant cyber scam yanking the chain of regular, red-blooded porn-loving, Kiwis. And when we say yank the chain, to clarify, this is not a good thing. 

Essentially, Kiwis are receiving an email from a "hacker" who claims to have infiltrated their webcam and filmed them having some "alone time" with their laptop and their favourite website. The email then threatens to share the compromising footage with all of the victim's personal contacts - If they don't pay up. 

No good. 

Unfortunately, a member of our very own Breakfast show has been targeted. The hacker actually got hold of a personal cellphone number and left a threatening email for "needle dick"... 

Listen above.