Top US golfers got into a dust up over one of their wives and it ain't hard to see why

Chicks 04/10/2018

The US golfers really dropped the game at the Ryders Cup over the weekend, and rumous has it, it's got something to do with world no.1 Dustin Johnson falling out with his banging hot missus; Paulina Gretsky - or as Rog puts it "the hottest woman in the world". 

Hey, hey, settle down big dog. 

With affair rumpurs ciculating around Johnson, apparently, Brooks Koepka, fellow golfing team mate, has been getting a little too cosy with Gretsky, acting as a shoulder to cry on. Which we all really know means he saw trouble in paradise and took the opportunity to slide on in.

No surprised ol' mate wasn't too happy about it. So much so, rumour has it Dustin got into a dust up with Koepka. 

To be fair, some things are worth fighting for...

But if the headlines are to be believed Paulina Gretsky is back on the market. 

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