Bryce destroys the punishing old hater who told him "he'd never make it" in radio

The Morning Rumble 20/11/2018

To everyone who's gone through life where someone's told you you'd never amount to anything, or just straight up just been a dick....this one's for you.

The backstory - before a young Bryce Casey was working at The Rock, he was fresh out of broadcasting school and looking for his first radio gig. He applied for a breakfast job at Coromandel FM, and was told by the radio manager at the time (via email) that "radio wasn't for you" and that he'd never make it in the biz.

Fast forward to 2018. Bryce has worked at The Rock for 15 years and on The Morning Rumble for 10 years, so we got old mate Ray back on the phone for a chat.

He started off paying out Bryce (which we generally encourage), but just wouldn't Bryce piped in and gave it to him.

On ya Bruce.