Bryce uses his newfound "radio superpower" to correctly guess where 3 listeners are from

The Morning Rumble 14/11/2018

Bryce claims that, after tripping and failling down the stairs earlier this week like an absolute gump, that he now has a secret radio superpower.

No, it's not his ability to produce the lowest radio ratings this show has ever seen in years. Nor is it his ability to mangle every word and sentence that comes out of his mouth, or force his opinion on to everyone else.

No, none of that. His super power is that he's able to sense through "vibes", and the accent of your voice, where you come from.

So got three callers on the line to put his superpowers to the test - and the tinny bastard managed to get all three right.

We're not sure how but it just screams of bullshit.