Rog says his relationship deal-breaker are girls who "really love their dogs"

The Morning Rumble 13/11/2018

The Rumble lads were talking relationship deal breakers with Mel and Dell, when Dell revealed the first thing on her long list of put offs:

People that let their own dogs lick their mouth.

Rog can't stand dogs at all. 

I don't know if I'd really go out with a girl who really loved her dog.

Such a shame for all the 22-year-old girls in bikinis with cute dogs on Instagram.

You wanna Tim Tam slam Rog? Give us a call.

If you don't get the Tim Tam Slam reference, or just want to watch it again for the hundredth time like us, watch Rog go to town on a Tim Tam in perhaps the worst Influencer post of all time.