The Morning Rumble's Top 5 most offensive things they never want to hear or say on the radio

The Morning Rumble 05/12/2018

After going through the top five most offensive words from the Broadcasting Standards Authority:

5. Motherf**ker
4. C**ks**ker
3. JFC
2. N-word
1. C-bomb

The Rumble came up with their own top five list of things they'd never want to say or hear on the show.

Number 5:

You're on The Morning Rumble. Here's 'Snoopy's Christmas'.

Number 4:

Hey guys. What are your thoughts on changing from rock music to pop music? All the research suggests it's a good idea...

Number 3:

Man, signing Thane Kirby sure was a great management decision.

Number 2:

We're thinking about bringing back Leah.

And at Number 1:

Gather round guys. It's ratings day today.