The Rumble discover their movie biopics and who would play them

The Morning Rumble 25/01/2019

Research Ryan discovered what The Rumble's biopics would be and who would play them in their movies. Brace yourself:

Mullsy & Me (Starring Woddy Harrison)

A loveable loser from Wellington who's never seen a job in media or a hot meal he never likes. Follow his journey of maintaining a partner that's too good for him. From being an admin on Veitchy's Facebook page, to hosting a relatively unwatched TV show with Mark Richardson. After bad career decisions his career is euthanised and dead.

Bryce-Centennial Man (Starring Patrick Stewart)

Set in Auckland in 2000, a local stoner and part time disk jockey falls for Sharyn. With his plutonic vibes and willingness to wear mittens to bed, the two of them hook up. He does anything Sharyn asks of him in this journey full of drama.

Forrest Gimp (Starring Tom Hanks)

Just like a physically chewed on popsicle stick. From picking up gigs in rural pubs to dancing on national television. Rog starts up a radio school catering to 17-21 year-old girls. He finds it difficult to attain good radio ratings. Which leads to the root of Rog's problems. Money.

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