The Morning Rumble do the #10YearsFromNowChallenge, and the results are bloody grim

The Morning Rumble 17/01/2019

10 year challenge is blowing up on social media where people are looking back at what they looked like in 2019. Instead Producer Ryan looked into where The Rumble will end up in 10 years time:

Mulls will turn into a bald version of John Candy with alopecia. He'll still be keen to get into the media - but it'll come to a crash when he accepts a MC gig at the mid year Gloriavale concert. Nobody has seen him since!

Bryce will be bringing his own lunches to work, he's moved more North of Auckland and his shoulders have shrunken so much... He's turning into Rog!

And finally the Big Dog. He'll be stuck in an old folks home. Reliving his glory years and doing live phoners with all the other residents.

No surprises here.