Producer Mel picks her Valentines Day date... then Mulls the priest shows up

The Morning Rumble 14/02/2019

After sifting through thousands of applicants, Producer Mel has finally found her perfect date for Valentines Day - a young lad named Cam.

When asked why Mel chose Cam, she had a savage reason.

Because he hasn't had sex in 2019. I Just feel a bit sorry for him.

Yet after such an extensive search, Producer Ryan decided we hadn't just found Mel a good date, we found her a good husband.

Enter priest Andrew Mulligan for the first live wedding on The Morning Rumble, joining Mel and Cam in the hand of marriage.

The highest form of love between two people is within a monogamous, commited relationship...organised by a radio show. 

Mel & Cam, we wish you all the best.