WATCH: Producer Mel responds to your Valentine's Day date applications

The Morning Rumble 05/02/2019

After putting the call out on Facebook for potential dates to join Producer Mel on Valentine's Day - we were flooded with applications.

Producer Mel joined us to respond to some of them:

I take a pretty girl on date... might I add, I got dumped a week and a half ago. Go on help a bloke out.

Turns out she's not keen on a desprate guy.

We then gave Cole the chance to plead his case to Producer Mel:

Love to have a good time. Send it. Put the ol' leg over the motorbike every now and then...

Turns out. She's not a fan of a guy who likes to send it...

If you reckon you'd be a good fit for Producer Mel - head over to The Morning Rumble Facebook Page to send in your application.