Bryce witnessed Metallica's worst ever interview on The Rock

The Morning Rumble 08/03/2019

Back in the early 90's Bryce was new to The Rock. One afternoon Lars Ulrich from Metallica came in for an interview. Robert & Jono at the time were away, so they had a guy called Marty filling in.

Bryce offered to do it, but was left outside watching through the windows. What he witnesed was pretty horrific.

Marty could speak Danish. So can Lars. So for about two minutes they spoke in Danish. Boss Brad was fuming:

Mate, talk in english!

He then went on to ask some pretty shit questions before throwing to the next track:

Hey Lars stick around, we'll talk soon. Here's one from you guys...

*Plays Matchbox 20*

He was speaking in tounges after that...