Here are some photos of the biggest hands in NZ, sent in by you to The Morning Rumble's Facebook page

Pics 05/03/2019

After Bryce was told he has the softest hands in NZ by a punter at the Eminem gig last weekend, The Morning Rumble are on a quest to find the biggest hands in New Zealand, so they can crown someone "NZ's Most Massive Mitts".

They put up a photo of Pine Tree, Sir Colin Meads, and asked you to send in photos of your hands holdings cans for reference. And bloody hell, the comments blew up - over 1200 in one day!

Here are some of the best pics sent in by you.

Alan Gulleford

Alton Fletcher

Ben Mcconochie

Chris Kingsnorth

Ethan Sainty

Jen Bolt's brother

Joe Mestyanek

Jordan Gill

Kade Peterson

Kane Winter

Laura Lulu Jane Kelly

Liza Balme's husband

Sonia Stuart's dad

Tim Coleman