Rog remembers the time he tried to kill Jono for absolutely nothing

The Morning Rumble 27/03/2019

Rog remembered the time years ago when he sent Jono Pryor out on one of the stupidist "Do Stuff To Jono" stunts ever. The idea was to tow him from Bluff to Stewart Island on a tractor tyre.

There was a massive storm... I wasn't aware at the time.

However according to Bryce who was just a bottom feeder at the time - a lot of what he explained wasn't true. He knew there was a storm but he didn't give a shit:

I don't care mate. We've got a break to fill. Do it!

Big dog was a tough taskmaster back in the day.

The best part was, he wasn't even miked, no audio, no video. Just a shitty photo on an old mobile phone. Rog even got angry because you couldnt even see Jono in the photo.

He tried to kill him. For nothing.

How the heck has he even lasted.