WATCH: How much Clarke Gayford's life has changed since becoming the first man of NZ

The Morning Rumble 04/04/2019

Clarke Gayford's life has dramatically changed since Jacinda became Prime Minister, from meetings with world leaders and the Queen:

There's a voice in the back of my head saying: you're a long way from Gisborne now bro.

When he met Donald Trump for the first time he managed to knock over some American flags in the White House, before getting subdued by security over attempting to pick them back up:

Melania was going, it's ok, it's ok... Here come the New Zealanders...

It also comes with great perks including when China shut down the Forbidden City exclusively for him. A place that is usually full of up to 80,000 people:

It was so surreal... Man. You're a long way from Gisborne now bro.