Bryce & Mulls made sure Rog dug into his stingy pockets and donated to I Am Hope

The Morning Rumble 15/05/2019

Big Dog Rog is a notorious tight-arse

So Bryce and Mulls hatched a plan to make sure he does his bit and donates to Bryce's Spare Change for Change bowling challenge. 

After revealing the Rog is the ONLY fella in radio who gets his phone bill paid by work, the lads took it during a break and text 'Change' to 4644 and made an instant $3 donation to I Am Hope... 34 times.

Get those texts in by any means necessary NZ, and let's make a positive change for mental health in this country together.

Bryce will start bowling at 7am Wednesday May 29 and finish at 5pm Friday, May 31. The challenge will take place at Pins Lincoln, Henderson, Auckland. Bryce's 58 hour bowling challenge will be live streamed on The Rock website.

Get behind Bryce by supporting him on our Givealittle page, or text CHANGE now to 4644 to make an instant $3 donation to I AM HOPE.

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