Mike King: Mental health dialogue in NZ is "absolutely" changing, but "my generation needs to be educated"

The Morning Rumble 09/05/2019

New Zealander of the Year Mike King believes the dialogue around mental health struggles has "absolutely" changing for the best, but there's still more work to do.

Talking in studio with The Morning Rumble, Bryce asked Mike if he had seen a change in New Zealand's attitudes around mental health stood.

"Absolutely man, one million percent," Mike said.

“There's no more hoping this change is going to happen. It's happening, and it's a sea change. So we're past the tipping point."

What I've found now is that young people just want permission to take that next step, and what you're (Bryce) doing is giving them permission.

Mulls also stressed the importance of getting the message of mental health awareness to "where young people are, it has to be where they're viewing, watching, listening."

Mike King had a surprising response.

"Young people aren't the problem. They're the solution to the problem."

But the people that need to be educated more than anyone is my generation, you know that stubborn, stoic bullshit that we put on.

Mike recalls his mindset when he was growing up as a father with a daughter.

"When they (his children) were coming up, my job was to be staunch all the time, my job was to be in control - because my old man always said "you got be in control" - because if you start panicking then everyone starts panicking, you weren't allowed to show venerability

That attitude nearly destroyed an entire generation.

"So kids don’t learn about what we say, they learn by what they see.

And what they’re seeing is a bunch of staunch old dickheads trying to put on this mask of bullshit and we need to take that mask off.

The Rock has partnered with Mike King's I AM HOPE foundation to help keep the mental health conversation going, and help raise funds to get young Kiwis free counselling when they need it most.

Bryce from The Morning Rumble will bowl for 58 hours in the Spare Change for Change challenge to help raise funds for I AM HOPE and make a positive change for mental health.

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