Mike King on the impact Bryce's Spare Change challenge will have on suicide prevention

The Morning Rumble 08/05/2019

Bryce has announced his Spare Change for Change challenge supporting I Am Hope, but how exactly will this help make an impact? And what will happen with all the money we raise? We got Mike King in the studio to explain first-hand.

"Our charity (I Am Hope) spend most of our time on the road, speaking in schools, speaking in communities, all those talks are free," said King.

"It covers things like infrastructure costs, it covers resources, travel costs, rental cars, we don't take any wages - everything that you're giving us will go to schools and communities."

Money will also go directly to covering counselling sessions for young Kiwis when they need it most.

"If you have a young person of school age... you can book a time with a private counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist and we pay for it. Simple."

Get behind Bryce by supporting him on our Givealittle page, or text 'CHANGE' now to 4644 to make an instant $3 donation to I AM HOPE.