Dunc's bloody hilarious description of watching his second child 'Murray' being delivered by C-section

Vids 26/06/2019

Monday afternoon, Duncan and his awesome wife Dixie welcomed their second child into the world - a healthy baby boy named Murray (how good is that name?)

And Dunc shared with the team his experience of watching his kid being delivered by c-section, in the most Dunc way possible.

I was like, I don't want to look. Dixie had described it as someone reaching inside her body like a handbag, I was like oh jeez.....

So what ended up happening, I was like, not keen to see it - I'll gut a hundred fish in a row but not keen to see it - but right towards the end I pop my head over, and it wasn't even too bad cause Muzza's bloody head is filling the cut....

...and he had a bloody great doodle like Frank!

Only Dunc could compare the beauty of childbirth to gutting snapper. Love your work Dunco.

And congratulations mate, look after the wee fella!