WATCH: Mike King expands I Am Hope service after whooping $366k Spare Change donation

The Morning Rumble 25/07/2019

After The Rumble delivered a Spare Change cheque to I Am Hope for $366,602.22, founder and New Zealander of the Year Mike King explained exactly how the money we raised together will be spent - and the news is bloody good.

I Am Hope's main fundraiser is Gumboot Friday, with the proceeds covering free counselling sessions for young people up to the age of 19. But thanks to Bryce's Spare Change campaign and all your generous donations, more people are going to be able to access free help when they need it most.

"What I want to do is expand that Gumboot Friday concept so anyone under 25 can now apply for free counselling," said King.

"This way young fellas don't have to talk to anyone (about wanting counselling)... they can just ring up, make an appointment, when they make an appointment tell them Gumboot Friday will pay for it, and they just go in there and get any councelling they need."  

If you or someone you know is battling, get in touch with a counsellor and I Am Hope to get the help you need - this money is there for you.