WATCH: Rog called out UFC interim Champ Israel Adesanya and we're certain he's about to die

The Morning Rumble 30/07/2019

Ever been in a mood and said something you didn't mean? Well multiply that by a UFC ass whooping

As you may know, Rog isn't himself without 4-5 cups of coffee in the morning.

We ran out of coffee again this morning and Rog got in a mood - like we'd expect - but what we didn't see coming was Big Dog calling out a UFC fighter and friend of The Rumble, Israel 'The Last Style Bender' Adesanya. 

He was due to be in for a chat at 8am but missed his slot, and Rog wasn't happy.

"What would you do to him if he turned up now?" Bryce asked.

"Probably put him in a headlock," said Rog

What else?

Punch him

What else?

Knee him in the ribs

I think we just witness Big Dog sign his own death warrant.