R. J. Hampton talks about the tragic loss of his idol, Kobe Bryant

The Morning Rumble 28/01/2020

18 year old NZ Breakers and National Basketball League player R. J. Hampton joined The Morning Rumble this morning for a chat.

He talked about growing up playing basketball, the influence his parents had on him, and the tragic loss of his idol - Kobe Bryant, and daughter Gigi. 

As a kid, R. J. would watch tapes of Kobe, mimicking how he played, wore number 10 in the US Under 17s and even had the chance to meet him and watch him play live. 

I just wanted to be like Kobe.

He hoped that one day he would play against Kobe or in front of him, and is understandably hurting due to the loss of Kobe and his 13 year old daughter Gigi.