Research Ryan: What Oscars would Rog, Bryce and Mulls be nominated for?

The Morning Rumble 10/02/2020

The 92nd Academy Awards are on today, and all of Hollywood have gotten together to see which one of them are going to claim top honours.

But what about us, back here in little ol NZ? Specifically - The Morning Rumble. What prestigous awards would Rog, Bryce and Mulls be nominated for (and possibly win)?

Research Ryan did a bit of digging to find out.

Here are the winners and their awards:

- Best supporting role: his belt
- The James Corden certificate
- 2020 Comeback of the year award

- #MeToo medal
- The Peter Jackson plate
- Worst use of the English language in an-on-air environment award

- The Patrick Stewart plate
- The Brokeback Mountain memorial
- Best long form story telling award

Congratulations to the winners!