Dr John answers COVID-19 questions | part 4

The Morning Rumble 09/04/2020

Dr John was back this morning answering more COVID-19 questions. 

0.00 - After two weeks in lockdown, are you feeling better about the situation now than a week ago?

0.44 - With our daily cases declining, what can we expect to see in 2 weeks?

1.32 - do you think there’s lots of people who are infected but haven’t been tested?

2.32 - when you get tested, do you get the results the next day?

2.52 - is there any evidence of COVID-19 being airborne yet? Is it fine to walk past people?

3.12 - What’s your stance on wearing masks and gloves?

3.43 - a chat about Rog always touching his f*cking face

4:15 - Do I need to wash my hands if I’ve used hand sanitizer?