Dr John is back, answering more COVID-19 questions

The Morning Rumble 02/04/2020

We're really lucky to have Dr John come on the show and answer some of your questions about COVID-19.

Below are the questions Dr John answered and their time stamps:

0:05 - Should we be waring masks?

1:07 - With lots of people still not following lock down rules, have we blown it?

2:00 - 20 to 29 year olds make up one quarter of the people here who have it?

3:07 - I'm an essential worker and my partner is high risk. Am I one that would be able to get the flu jab?

3:21 - What's something that you as a doctor would like to get out there?

4:35 - My boss wants us to share trucks and I have asthma. Is that safe?