Doully wants you to Move Your Butt to raise awareness on the "silent killer" bowel cancer

The Morning Rumble 10/06/2020

Former Morning Rumbler Simon Doull aka Doully joined the boys this morning for a serious chat about bowel cancer.

He and his lovely wife, Liana, have started the "Move Your Butt" challenge, encouraging people to get off their butts each day in the month of June to raise awareness for bowel cancer.

Unfortunately, bowel cancer has plagued Doully's life, with both his parents dying from it, and his wife Liana being diagnosed with it in 2014 at just 36 years old.

Doully wants people to talk about bowel cancer more. He says his mum kept it hidden from him, as she didn't want to worry him with it - but unfortunately it was too late by the time he found out.

Simon’s Dad died around five years later in 2002. “He died 18 months after having an colonoscopy and operation. He originally went to the doctor about something else and the doctor recommended he have some tests done. When the diagnosis came back, it was a real shock.”

Simon now gets tested every two years to ensure that any early signs of bowel cancer are caught early – while it’s still treatable. “Liana’s such a great story of survival. Not everyone gets to experience that,” he says. “Everyone talks about the negative sides of bowel cancer, but not the positive. It’s not always a death sentence – if it’s caught early enough.”

Check out Bowel Cancer NZ for more information.