Here's that old boy Colin aka "Col-E-Flower" playing a carrot flute on Australia's Got Talent

The Morning Rumble 16/06/2020

Need we say any more?

The Morning Rumble were doing a topic on "what Colin story do you have?", after Bryce's mate Colin blew out in the weekend after watching a 2013 Chiefs game thinking it was a live match (yes, he may have indulged in some John Day cheese.....)

A listener phoned in saying his grandad, Colin, went on Australia's Got Talent as his 'talent' was that he could play songs using vegetables as musical instruments.

The ultimate travesty of this yarn? The old boy only came second. A clear winner in our book.

Here's the vid of Colin aka "Col-E-Flower" doing his thing on AGT, where he also plays a kumura with a celery stick as a trombone.

(maybe Col-E-Flower was eating a bit of cheese too?)