Rog's over-the-top inspirational speech to rark up the Blues ahead of the Super Rugby Aotearoa season

The Morning Rumble 12/06/2020

Every team needs a good inspirational speech to get the boys fired up before they run on the paddock....

So Rog provided one for the Auckland Blues, who haven't had much (or any) success in the last 5-10-15 years.

If this doesn't put shivers up your spine, we don't know what will. Watch above.

"For too many years now, this shitty city hasnt shown you the respect you deserve. 

They talk about champions- you are the original champions. you won the cup before all these other inbred imposters even dreamed of holding it. Their was no mana in the chiefs when you were winning, the Hurricanes blew alright, they still blow. 

Sure the Saders may have won more titles than us, but you know why, I will tell you why - because they had great Aucklanders in their team like Keiran Read & Richie Mccaw.

The Highlanders are just a bunch of quitters, they only have a title because they played the Hurricanes who love nothing more than to choke when it counts.

Our people deserve this, from Orewa to Oraki, from Ponsonby to Pukekohe - 

I believe... I believe .... say it with me, I Believe... 

THIS IS OUR YEAR, I am part of your team, i bleed Blue, i will fight to the death for you, i would kill a man dead... 

I need you to go out there an be ready to die for me..

Take what is yours my Brothers.

It. Is. Our. Time".