North Canterbury club rugby coach's f- and c-bomb loaded pre-game speech goes viral

Vids 18/08/2020

It's possibly one of the greatest pre-game speeches of all time.

Definitely the most expletive-ridden ones we've heard in a while.

Before the North Canterbury division one finals on Saturday, Glenmark-Cheviot forwards coach Ben Cassidy let off an f*** and c*** bomb loaded rark-up speech to his team after a rival "Up The K" sign was found at his home earlier in the morning.

From NZ Herald:

"This is what I found in my place this morning," Cassidy said, pointing to a sign saying 'Up the K', referring to Glenmark-Cheviot rivals Kaiapoi. "I hope like f*** that every one of you buys would be f****d off that some c*** laid this at my place this morning. F***'s sake.

The only thing I want to see with a f*****g 'K' is killing the c***s today. We f*****g get into it, we kill the c****s. We don't f*****g let them f*****g come anywhere near us. It's knuckles to the ground and f*****g kill them.

Not to pull the curtain back too much here, but this actually sounds like Brad the boss in one of our staff meetings.