Steve's crook yarn about pooping maggots after eating a bad burrito

The Morning Rumble 29/03/2021

This is hands-down one of the most crookest chats we've ever heard.

Steve ate a bad burrito from a Mexican takeaway, which resulted in him losing 13kgs, his skin colour turned green and then - revolutingly - ended up with him pooping maggots.

Pooping. Maggots. Brooooooo.

And if that wasn't bad enough, it gets worse. When asked why he didn't go to the doctors before he even got to the point of shitting maggies, he said that he "self-medicated" himself with worming tablets to fix himself up, and then went back to the same burrito shop to DO IT AGAIN to confirm that was where he got them from.


Just watch the above and notice everyone's reactions. Rog's when he finds out he pooped maggots (0:32) and then Bryce's massive confusion when Steve said he went back for round two (1:05).

Just.... unreal.

Steve mate you're a crook individual.