Mike King join us to announce the return of A Day (and a bit) On The Darts

Day On The Darts 2021 12/04/2021

After the massive success from last year's Day On The Darts, where Rock listeners helped raise over $250,000 for I Am Hope to go towards free counselling sessions to help young kiwis with their mental health, we thought we'd do it all over again.

But this year, up the ante to 30 hours (as it's 30 years of The Rock) and also by going back home to Waikato to do it!

A Day (and a bit) On The Darts, kicks off Thursday 22 April. Text DART to 2447 to make an instant $3 donation, or donate via the Givealittle page here.

I Am Hope's Mike King joined us in studio to announce the news.