We talk to the kiwi bloke who's dog found a dildo at the beach and is being impersonated online

Vids 18/08/2021

Fair bit to unpack here, strap in for the ride.

A Welsh woman has claimed viral fame after LadBible posted her story online about how her dog Keith found a dildo on a beach.

Hilarious story, right?

Well, something didn't sit right with Producer Ryan, who swore he remembers reading and seeing a similar story earlier this year, from little ol New Zealand no less. So he put his dicktective hat on and started googling "dog dildo on beach" (dodgy search, but let's go with it) and blew this thing wide open.

Turns out, earlier this year in June, kiwi bloke James O'Connor posted to the Mount Maunganui page a story about how his dog, Barney, found a dildo on the beach.

And it's the exact same dog and exact same photo.

Which means, someone is lying. And because James' story came out first, we're siding with him and assuming this Welsh woman is the imposter, stealing the content for her 15 minutes of fame.

To get the bottom of it, we got James on the phone to explain everything.