Bryce and his wife Sharyn have welcomed their baby boy, Reuben

Vids 08/11/2021

Congratulations to Sharyn, Bryce who've welcomed their baby boy, Reuben Ammar Casey, over the weekend. 

Bryce rang up The Morning Rumble to share the good news.

"As anybody knows who's been, you know, lucky enough to have a little baby or try and make one, the wives and women and partners are the real MVPs."

Posting on Insta this morning too, Bryce wrote "Reuben Ammar Casey has joined the party. Tyson is stoked to be a big bro."

Also posting on Insta, Bryce's wife Sharyn said that Reuben is not only named after one of their good friends but also their amazing OB, Ammar.

If it weren’t for Ammar we wouldn’t have Tyson, let alone Reuben and we are forever grateful to him we had him on journey since 2016 from losing Sharky to our 2 lads.