NZ's suicide rate is down from last year, but it's "nothing to celebrate"

The Morning Rumble 06/10/2021

Trigger warning - this video contains the topic of suicide.

New Zealand's suicide rate was released earlier this week, with many news sites reporting it's the lowest number in two years

While that sounds positive, it still really isn't. 607 people died from suspected suicide, down from 628 the previous year. We've still got a long ways to go as a country to get this number as close to zero as possible.

Bryce found a post by @thisisgeorgie on Instagram, who expressed her confusion and heartbreak over the current state of mental health in New Zealand (you can read it below too).

You know what? You can make the biggest difference to this number, just by asking three little words to someone you know - "you ok, mate?" 

If you need help or know someone who does, free call or text 1737, or here's a list of all helpline services in NZ: