The Morning Rumble ask the Prime Minister where Clarke Gayford is

The Morning Rumble 16/03/2022

This is the kind of investigative journalism that NZ needs right now.

One question has been on a lot of kiwis minds... Where is Clarke Gayford?

If you haven't been wondering it yourself, chances are you've seen the question posed in the Facebook comments under news articles about Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 

Rumours have been floating around left right and center about where the PM's partner is, with some people believing he is on home arrest. In fact, there's literally a whole Facebook group called "Where is Clarke Gayford" with 30K members, devoted to figuring out his whereabouts.

So Bryce Casey asked PM Jacinda Ardern directly where Clarke is.

Turns out, as of this morning (March 16), he was..... At home folding washing.

Gayford also posted a photo to Instagram this morning of himself wing foiling at Lyall Bay yesterday, which the PM mentioned he likes to do.

Watch the moment we uncovered the truth about Clarke Gayford up top.

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